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Writing and sharing your ELT materials.

In this interview I talk to materials writer and teacher trainer John Hughes about sharing my materials via the blog and the ways in which teachers give me feedback. I also talk about the benefits of sharing my ELT materials in this way. 

If you're a teacher who wants to start sharing their materials, don´t miss this interview! :)

Sponge Chat with James Fuller

In this interview, I talk about my teaching background and how I got started in the materials writing journey.

I also give tons of tips to share your materials. 

Behind the scenes of Business English materials with Silvina Mascitti

In this webinar for The TEFL Development Hub Facebook Group, I give lots of useful tips to make Business English materials. Join this amazing teachers community for insightful webinars and lively discussions!

Writing, Teaching and everything in between. The Twilight Show with Harry Waters

In this chat Harry and I talk about creating materials, teaching, attending events and the importance of LinkedIn.

Jake Young & Silvina Mascitti: Putting the pieces together, Sequence and flow in ELT materials - InnovateELT 2022 - Barcelona, Spain

Silvina Mascitti about creativity and writing teaching materials. Two Fold EFL

A great interview with Sylwia Clayton from Two Fold EFL

​Creating the perfect lesson plan - with Silvina Mascitti - Nina English

An amazing interview with Nina English Hanakova.

Beyond Gap-filling: Task variety in Materials Writing

In this webinar organized by Mohammad Nabil from Educast, I give some examples of task variety friom my materials. 

Materials that make a difference.

In this friendly chat with Susanne Nally from Business Class Language solutions, we talked about task variety, using coursebooks, supplementary materials, following a Dogme approach, working on emergent language....and many other topics...

Interviews & Webinars: Bienvenidos
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