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Anxiety...myth or reality?

Actualizado: 3 abr 2021

Topics: ESP - Psychology - anxiety disorder - depression

Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

Level: B2 and above


- To promote digital literacy by the use of visual aids: pictures, infographic and video.

- To raise awareness on anxiety disorders.

- To predict whether some information is a myth or a fact before reading.

- To read an infographic and analyze its content.

- To talk about Ss' own experiences.

- To share tips and ideas to overcome anxiety.

- To choose a topic and write some ideas.

- Optional: To watch a short video and write down prior and new information.

Use of Language:

-To use Simple Present to express opinion.

-To use Present Perfect and Simple Past to talk about past experiences.

-To learn / review vocabulary related to the topic.

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