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Business Storytelling: Tell, Don’t Sell

Topics:Business English – presentations - storytelling

Level: B1and above

Skills: Speaking, Reading, Writing


  • To discuss the importance and purpose of storytelling in business.

  • To talk about different types of business presentations.

  • To read about five different types of business presentation structures.

  • To relate each presentation structure to particular business situations.

  • To read about different storytelling techniques for presentations.

  • To brainstorm ideas before making a presentation.

  • To prepare a presentation taking into account their prior knowledge and experience and what they learned in this lesson.

  • To give constructive peer feedback.

Use of language

  • To use Simple Present to tell stories.

  • To use Simple Past to talk about past experiences.

  • To use Second Conditional sentences to talk about hypothetical situations.

  • To use expressions for agreement and disagreement.

  • To learn / review language for presentations. (e.g. transitions)

Business storytelling Tell, don't sell - Ss worksheet
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Business storytelling- Tell, don't sell- Ts notes
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