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Celebrating Uniqueness

Topics: uniqueness - diversity - art - creativity -

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Listening, Speaking and Writing


- To reflect on what uniqueness means.

- To share what makes Ss unique.

- To predict information before watching the video.

- To lsiten for gist and detail.

- To analyze the purpose, tone and elements of the video.

- To write a short paragraph describing their "unique house".

Use of language:

- To review Simple Present to talk about skills and traits.

- To learn / review Second conditional to express hypothesis.

- To learn / review some vocabulary that is mentioned in the video.

- To learn / review adjectives to express feelings.

Celebrating Uniqueness - Ss worksheet
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1 Comment

Excellent lesson plan and worksheet. I will use with my students.

Thanks dear Silvina.

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