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Distribution of Wealth

Lesson plan made in collaboration with my colleague Lewis Jaquest! :)

Topics: Business English – social justice, money, inheritance, tax and equitable wealth redistribution

Level: B2 and above

Primary skills: Speaking, listening

Sub-skills: Grammar (Passives), Pronunciation

Link to news report: Euronews report

Link to TEDTalk: TED talk video

Communicative aims: 

  • Discussion and awareness raising of socially relevant issues regarding tax, money and equitable wealth redistribution.

  • Functional language for opinions, agreeing & disagreeing.

Lexical/grammatical aims: 

  • Exploring language of tax, inheritance and social equity.

  • Identifying passive constructions & applying in context.

  • To work on emergent language (optional).

Pronunciation aims: 

  • Identifying word stress in polysyllabic words.

  •  H-dropping in “heir” “heiress” “heirloom”.

  • The phoneme /eə/ its pronunciation and other words containing it.

Photo by Monstera Production on Pexels.

Distribution of wealth - Ss worksheet
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Distribution of wealth - Teacher's Notes
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