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End-of-year Company Celebration

Actualizado: 18 dic 2023

Topics: Business English - office celebrations - fun 

Level: B1+ and above

Skills: Speaking and Listening

Link to The Office excerpt: Yankee Swap - The Office US

Thanks to Lewis Jaquest for sharing his idea in this lesson plan. Lewis' file is attached below!! :)


  • To talk about company holiday celebrations 

  • To compare / contrast different types of gift exchange events

  • To listen for gist and for detail

  • To develop listening decoding skills through microlistening

  • To work on connected speech in context

  • To express opinions and reactions

  • To work on emergent language

  • To choose a final task related to the topic

Use of language & lexis: 

  • To use different tenses to talk about past and present company events

  • To learn / review vocabulary about the topic

  • To learn / review ways to express reaction

  • To learn / review intonation and word stress patterns

Photo by Drazen Zigic on Freepik

End-of-year company celebration- Ss worksheet
Descargar PDF • 1.68MB

End-of-year company celebration- Ts notes
Descargar PDF • 134KB

Lewis' Spotify Christmas playlist
Descargar ZIP • 1.33MB

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