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Festive Marketing: Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow

Actualizado: 29 nov 2023

Topics: General English - overconsumption - environment

Level: B2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing

Link to original article:


  • To talk about festive marketing and shopping

  • To reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of festive marketing/shopping

  • To talk about Black Friday and shopping habits

  • To make predictions before reading an article

  • To analyze writer's stance, tone and purpose

  • To read for gist and for detail

  • To relate the topic to students' own cultures

  • To raise awareness of the environmental impact caused by overconsumption

  • To write an opinion article (optional)

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different verb tenses to talk about present and past events related to shopping habits and consumption

  • To learn / review some vocabulary about the topic (e.g. (over)consumption, consumer, to consume, etc.)

  • To learn / review language/lexis to express opinion

Note: This is a self-explanatory minilesson, I didn't include Teacher's notes. The purpose of this lesson is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of overconsumption, especially by the use of festive marketing, which hooks consumers with tempting discounts and special offers. From the lexical point of view, the article has lots of useful vocabulary to work on and use in lively discussions. Enjoy! :)

Festive marketing stop spending like there’s no tomorrow
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