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Finding inspiration

Actualizado: 9 jun 2022

Topics: General and Business English - inspiration - motivation

Level: B1+ and above

Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


  • To define the term "inspiration."

  • To discuss how students find inspiration.

  • To make predictions before listening.

  • To listen for gist and for detail.

  • To develop some listening decoding skills.

  • To express opinion.

  • To roleplay a situation. (optional)

  • To write a social media post. (optional)

  • To read an article on the topic and compare and contrast ideas. (optional)

  • To watch a short video and compare and contrast ideas.

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about present and past situations.

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to the topic.

  • To learn / review some collocations.

  • To work on pronunciation and connected speech.

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash.

Finding Inspiration... - Ss worksheet
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1 comentario

As always, an organised, stimulating and contemporary lesson. I can’t think of a leaner who wouldn’t want to participate in such a lesson; a victory in itself. Cheers!

Me gusta
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