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Food for Thought

Actualizado: 3 abr 2021

Topic: Environmental issues - food waste

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking and reading.


- To promote visual literacy: reading and understanding data from an infographic and then

creating their own visual material as homework.

- To foster critical thinking skills: understanding and analyzing

information, justifying their answers, comparing and contrasting, applying knowledge in future situations.

- To raise awareness on environmental issues.

- To activate learners’ prior knowledge and experience.

- To practice speaking skills in a contextualized way.

- To practice reading skills: predicting and checking information.

- To review some grammar points: adverbs of frequency, second conditional, modal verbs

of possibility, comparatives and superlatives, intensifying adverbs.

- To recycle, learn and use some vocabulary about waste.

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Food for thought - Teachers notes
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