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How stories shape our minds

Actualizado: 8 dic 2022

Topics: General English - reading - books - brain

Level: B2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Listening


  • To talk about reading habits

  • To raise awareness of the benefits of reading

  • To predict information before watching the video

  • To listen for gist and for detail

  • To express opinion and reaction

  • To use the information from the video to speak about the topic and apply it in a final task of their choice

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different verb tenses to express present and past reading habits

  • To learn / review some vocabulary about reading

  • To learn / review adjectives, adverbs and verbs

How stories shape our minds - Ss worksheet
Descargar PDF • 2.46MB

How stories shape our minds - Ts notes
Descargar PDF • 1.75MB

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