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How to Handle Post Firing Guilt

Actualizado: 2 sept 2023

Topics: Business English - job termination - empathy

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Reading and Speaking


  • To talk about past experiences when firing employees

  • To talk abour reasons for an employee to get fired

  • To read a letter from a reader who asks for advice

  • To discuss the main ideas of a text

  • To express opinion and reaction towards the topic

  • To reflect on one's real or hypothetical experiences

  • To give advice to the reader

  • To compare and contrast information and ideas

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about past and present experiences

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to guilt and suffering (to feel guilt/compassion (+ noun), to feel guilty/bummed/terrible/ (+ adjective), to grieve for... etc.)

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to job termination (to let go, to fire, to dismiss, to get fired, to be sacked, etc.)

  • To learn / review phrases for giving advice

  • To work on emergent language

How to handle post firing guilt - Ss worksheet
Download PDF • 219KB

How to handle post firing guilt - Ts notes
Download PDF • 71KB

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