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How to Unlock your Career Development

Topics: Business English - career development

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking and Reading


  • To define the concept of career development and discuss its importance in business contexts

  • To discuss some quotes about the topic

  • To make some predictions before reading an article

  • To read for gist and for detail

  • To express opinion and reaction about the topic

  • To apply the ideas from the article in real-life situations

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about past and present experiences about career development

  • To learn / review vocabulary about the topic

  • To learn / review some verb + noun collocations

  • To work on emergent language

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Career Development - Ss worksheet
Descargar PDF • 636KB

Career Development - Ts notes
Descargar PDF • 88KB

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