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Mind your trash!

Actualizado: 22 abr 2021

Topics: Environmental issues – means of transport - trash – clean-up campaign

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing.


  • To raise Ss’ awareness of the impact of littering in public places.

  • To reflect on their local public transportation system and its environmental impact.

  • To predict information before watching a video.

  • To listen for gist and detail.

  • To express their reactions towards the clean-up campaign.

  • To suggest ideas to improve tracks and stations conditions.

  • To write a blog entry expressing their opinion and suggesting further action.

  • To relate the topic to Ss’ own context.

Use of Language & Lexis:

  • To review different verb tenses to express ideas throughout the lesson.

  • To use adjectives to describe their local transportation system.

  • To learn / review some verbs related to cleaning and littering.

  • To learn / review some filler words and their use.

Link to video: MTA cleans up tracks

Mind your trash! - Ss worksheet
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Mind your trash! - Ts notes
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