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Movie night

Actualizado: 31 may 2021

Topics: General English - movie review

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing


- To talk about favorite movies.

- To express opinion, likes and dislikes.

- To listen for gist and detail.

- To write their own movie review and share it in class.

Use of language & lexis:

- To use Simple Present to describe the movie plot.

- To use passive voice to describe roles and setting.

- To learn / review some vocabulary relates to movies.

- To analyze some chunks from the listening activity and paraphrase/provide synonyms.

Note: I chose"My favourite film", a listening activity from the British Council website and I didn't include Teacher's notes since you can see the transcript on the link. I used the American spelling and vocabulary for this activity "My favorite movie", in case you want to teach / review it in class. Hope you like it! Silvina :)

You can find some complementary vocabulary on this website

Movie night - Ss worksheet
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