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My favorite TV series

Topics: TV series - genres - plot - actors

Level: A1 and above

Skills: Speaking


- To talk about favorite TV series.

- To express likes and dislikes about series, movies, genres, actors, etc...

Use of language:

- To learn / review vocabulary about TV series / movies (e.g. genres, adjectives to describe series or movies and actors).

- To learn / review some expressions to describe favorite series or movies.

- To learn / review the passive voice (e.g. It's set in... / the main character is played by...)

- To learn / review expressions to talk about past routines (used to / would)

- To use Simple Present to talk about frequency (I watch X every day, on the weekends, etc.)

* You can teach some expressions like "binge-watching" or "to binge-watch".

My favorite TV series
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