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People on the Move...

Actualizado: 18 dic 2022

Topics: migration - challenges - opportunities - culture

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Writing

Link to short movie: What is Migration? A Short Film


- To talk about different reasons for migrating.

- To talk about pull and push factors.

- To tell personal experiences on this topic.

- To think of possible solutions to some problems.

- To compare and contrast past and present issues when migrating.

- To choose a follow-up task: writing an opinion essay on this topic, interviewing a migrant or watching a short film on migration.

Use of Language:

- To use Simple Present to describe general reasons for migrating.

- To use Simple Past to talk about past experiences.

- To use modal verbs of possibility to talk about possible situations.

- To use Second conditional to describe hypothetical situations.

- To use expressions of opinion when speaking and in their writing assignment.

Migration - Ss worksheet
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