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Small Talk in Virtual Meetings

Topics: Business English – meetings - small talk – virtual settings

Level: B1and above

Skills: Speaking and Reading


  • To discuss the importance of small talk in business contexts.

  • To compare in-person vs. virtual small talk.

  • To express agreement or disagreement.

  • To infer meaning from context and personal experience.

  • To brainstorm ideas and compare them with a text.

  • To analyze others’ ideas and give opinion.

  • To relate the text ideas with their own experience.

  • To discuss and classify topics according to appropriacy.

  • To roleplay small talk situations.

Use of language:

  • To use Simple Present to describe typical actions.

  • To use Simple Past to talk about past actions.

  • To review question forms in different tenses.

  • To learn / review “used to” to describe past habits.

  • To learn / review Second Conditional to talk about hypothetical situations.

  • To learn / review vocabulary for small talk.

Small Talk in Virtual Meetings
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Small talk in virtual meetings - Ts notes
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