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Soft skills aren't hard!

Actualizado: 7 jul 2021

Topics: Business English - hard skills vs. soft skills - job interview

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing


- To compare and contrast hard skills and soft skills.

- To identify students' skills and talk about them.

- To reflect on skills that need to be improved and potential solutions.

- To read and analyze information from infographics.

- To watch a video, discuss its content and relate it to students' experience.

- To write a short paragraph explaining in what ways they are working on improving some skills.

Use of language and lexis:

- To use Simple Present to express abilities.

- To use modal verb "can" to express abilities.

- To use Simple Past to talk about educational background.

- To learn / review vocabulary to talk about skills.

Link to infographic exercise 4 and video exercise 9:

Link to more useful phrases to describe soft skills:

Soft skills aren't hard! - Ss worksheet
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