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Summer plans

Topics: vacations - types of accommodation - summer plans

Level: A1 and above

Skills: Speaking and Writing


- To brainstorm ideas related to vacations (places, travel essentials, types of accommodation and travelers)

- To classify different types of accommodation.

- To express opinion and preference about accommodation.

- To write a composition about past or future vacation plans.

Use of language & lexis:

- To use Simple Present to talk about likes and preferences.

- To use Simple Past to talk about past travel experiences.

- To use future tenses to talk about future plans.

- To learn / review vocabulary related to travel.

- To learn / review adjectives to describe types of accommodation.

- To learn / review travel portmanteaus.

Some portmanteaus were taken from this article: Staycation or bleisure? Travel loves made-up words

Answers: motor + hotel: motel / business + leisure: bleisure / stay + vacation: staycation /

honeymoon + volunteering: honeyteering / ecology + tourism: ecotourism /

man + vacations: mancations / baby + honeymoon: babymoon (to take a trip before the baby is born)

Summer plans - Ss worksheet
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