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“Tell Me About a Time When You Failed"

Actualizado: 27 ago 2021

Topics: Business English – Job interview prep. - Failure

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing


  • To discuss the meaning of failure in business contexts.

  • To brainstorm possible causes of failure.

  • To read example answers and analyze the content using the STAR method.

  • To compare and contrast information with classmates.

  • To develop reading strategies to understand texts (reading for gist and detail, making inference from context, summarizing, identifying main ideas, etc.)

  • To write their own answer to the question.

  • To practice peer correction and give each other feedback.

Use of language:

  • To use Simple Present to describe possible causes of failure.

  • To use Simple Past to describe past experiences.

  • To use Present Perfect to describe recent events, ongoing actions and consequences.

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to failure and success.

  • To learn / review linking words (reason, consequence) and phrases to introduce situations and express time.

  • Higher levels: To learn / review Third conditional to express regret.

Tell Me About a Time When You Failed - Ss worksheet
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Tell Me About a Time When You Failed - Ts notes
Descargar DOC • 35KB

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