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The Art of Delegation

Actualizado: 12 may 2023

Topics: Business English - leadership - delegation

Level: B1+ and above

Skills: Speaking and Listening


  • To define the concept of delegation

  • To discuss how students delegate tasks in their personal and professional lives

  • To use a cartoon to express opinion

  • To listen for gist and for detail

  • To use the vocabulary and language from the lesson to role-play two different situations

  • To choose one bonus task to practice their listening, reading or writing skills

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about past and present experiences about delegation

  • To learn / review vocabulary about the topic

  • To review second conditional

  • To learn / review phrases for delegation

Special thanks to my friend and colleague Audrey Smith from English on the Run for the ideas and the resources for this lesson plan!!! :)

Photo by Photo by on Pexels.

The art of delegation - Ss worksheet
Download PDF • 759KB

The art of delegation -Ts notes
Download PDF • 56KB

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