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The bystander

Actualizado: 8 nov 2021

Topics: General English – empathy - bullying

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Writing

Link to video:


  • To discuss the meaning of the noun “bystander”

  • To predict information before watching a video.

  • To analyze the purpose of the video.

  • To describe what students can see and hear in the video.

  • To put ourselves in others’ shoes and reflect on the importance of empathy.

  • To express opinion and reaction.

  • To retell situations in spoken and written forms.

Use of language

  • To use Simple Present to describe current events.

  • To use Present Continuous to describe actions happening at this moment.

  • To review phrases to express opinion.

  • To learn / review second conditional to talk about hypothetical situations.

  • To learn / review Reported Speech (say/tell/ask/threaten/accuse...)

The bystander - Ts notes
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The bystander - Ss worksheet
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