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The Gift...

Actualizado: 26 abr 2021

Topics: General English – presents - natural talent – skills

Level: B2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing.


- To discuss the different meanings of the noun "gift"

- To talk about personal experiences about gifts (presents and skills)

- To discuss whether a talent is born or made.

- To listen for gist and detail.

- To react to the speakers' points of view and express opinion.

- To reflect on speaking issues and how to overcome them.

- To read and do an online quiz to find their hidden talents

- To write an essay on a topic from the lesson plan.

Use of Lexis:

- To learn / review collocations of the noun "gift" (verbs and adjectives)

- To learn / review some verbs and idioms related to skills.

- To review language for opinion.

- To review language for advice.

- To review second conditional.

- To review wish + simple past.

The gift... - Ss worksheet
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The gift... - Ts notes
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