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The Great Resignation

Topics: Business English – job switching - job satisfaction - work-life balance

Level: B2 and above.

Skills: Speaking and Reading.


  • To discuss the meaning of the Great Resignation and its possible causes.

  • To learn / practice reading strategies: skimming and scanning.

  • To foster critical thinking skills: analyzing purpose of the article and separating facts from opinion.

  • To state opinion and express agreement and disagreement.

Use of language and lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about their past and current professional situation.

  • To learn / review collocations with the noun “job”.

  • To learn / review some verb-noun collocations related to the topic.

  • To learn / review the use of compound adjectives and compound ouns.

  • To practice question forms.

Link to article: (Perhaps you need to create a free account to access the article, but I copied it and numbered the paragraphs in the worksheet just in case.)

The Great Resignation - Ss worksheet
Descargar PDF • 231KB

The Great Resignation – Ts notes
Descargar DOC • 50KB

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2 comentarii

Yes you're right that you need to sign up to the Economist to read the entire article. But your lesson looks really interesting. Thanks!

Silvina Mascitti
Silvina Mascitti
04 ian. 2022
Răspunde utilizatorului

Hi Dedene, thanks for your message! I included the original text in the lesson plan for teachers who don't want to sign up on the newspaper! :)

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