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The Great Resignation

Topics: Business English – job switching - job satisfaction - work-life balance

Level: B2 and above.

Skills: Speaking and Reading.


  • To discuss the meaning of the Great Resignation and its possible causes.

  • To learn / practice reading strategies: skimming and scanning.

  • To foster critical thinking skills: analyzing purpose of the article and separating facts from opinion.

  • To state opinion and express agreement and disagreement.

Use of language and lexis:

  • To use different tenses to talk about their past and current professional situation.

  • To learn / review collocations with the noun “job”.

  • To learn / review some verb-noun collocations related to the topic.

  • To learn / review the use of compound adjectives and compound ouns.

  • To practice question forms.

Link to article: (Perhaps you need to create a free account to access the article, but I copied it and numbered the paragraphs in the worksheet just in case.)

The Great Resignation - Ss worksheet
Download PDF • 231KB

The Great Resignation – Ts notes
Download DOC • 50KB

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