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The Make-up: Let's Stop Domestic Violence!

Actualizado: 4 dic 2021

Topics: Awareness and prevention of domestic violence.

Level: A2 and above.

Skills: Speaking, Listening and Reading.


  • To raise awareness on domestic violence.

  • To discuss about the different uses of make-up.

  • To make predictions before watching a video.

  • To watch a video and discuss its purpose and tone.

  • To react to the video and express feelings.

  • To read about domestic violence and come up with different ways of addressing this issue.

  • Optional: To do research on local organizations and make a school campaign.

Use of language:

  • To use Present Simple and Present Continuous.

  • To use Simple Past to describe past events.

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to the topic.

This lesson plan is dedicated to my dear friend Debora Luongo, who works as a social psychologist assisting victims of gender-based violence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank you and all professionals worldwide for your dedication and commitment!

The make-up - Ss worksheet
Download PDF • 647KB

The make-up – Ts notes
Download DOC • 47KB

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