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The Post-Pandemic Office Etiquette

Topics: Business English – office etiquette before and after the pandemic

Level: B2 and above

Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing


- To discuss office etiquette before and after Covid-19.

- To predict information before reading / listening.

- To analyze tone in an article.

- To express opinion.

- To paraphrase ideas.

- To analyze allusion in the article.

- To choose and do a writing assignment related to the topic.

Use of Language & Lexis:

- To review tenses: Simple Past, Simple Present, Future forms (simple, continuous, perfect).

- To review linking words of contrast.

- To learn / review contextualized vocabulary related to the topic.

- To learn / review some contextualized phrasal verbs and idioms.

The Post-Pandemic Office Etiquette - Ss
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The Post-Pandemic Office Etiquette - Ts
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