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Through the Eyes of a Child

Topics: General English - creativity - imagination - art - theater

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing


- To talk about feelings and perceptions with adult eyes vs. child's eyes.

- To compare and contrast imagination and creativity as a child and as an adult.

- To define creativity.

- To talk about the role of the senses in the creative process.

- To predict information before listening.

- To listen to audience and actors talking about the Blind Theater.

- To brainstorm ideas and role-play situations.

- To create an engaging title for the lesson plan.

- To read a review about the Blind Theater and analze its structure, vocabulary, tone, register, etc.

- To brainstorm ideas and write their own review.

- To make peer correction in a respectful and constructive way.

Use of Language & Lexis:

- To use Simple Present vs. Simple Past to contrast routines and perceptions during childhood and adulthood.

- To use Second conditional to talk about hypothetical situations.

- To learn / review language to describe theater and performances.

- To review word order in questions.

- To review prepositions in contextualized chunks.

- To learn / review descriptive language to write a review.

Through the eyes of a child - Ss workshe
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