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Tidying up the top of the world

Actualizado: 3 abr 2021

Topics: Environmental issues - climate change - pollution

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing


- To raise awareness on environmental issues.

- To encourage digital literacy.

- To promote critical thinking: to reflect on purpose of the video.

- To predict information before watching a video.

- To listen for gist and detail.

- To learn and talk about expeditions to Mount Everest.

- To summarize information to include in a timeline.

- To do further research of the topic and write about their findings.

Use of Language:

- To learn / review vocabulary related to environmental issues and mountaineering.

- To review numbers.

- To use Simple Present to talk about climate change and environmental issues.

- To use Simple Past to describe past actions and initiatives.

- To use comparatives and superlatives. (E.g. To make mountain environments cleaner, we should... / Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.)

- To use modal verbs of possibility.

- To use Second Conditional to describe hypothetical situations.

Tidying up the top of the world
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