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What is "normal"? Who decides?

Actualizado: 7 abr 2021

Topics: Autism - diversity - inclusion

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking and Listening


- To discuss the concept of "normal".

- To connect images to ideas and use them to anticipate the lesson topics.

- To watch a video about the topic.

- To raise Ss' awareness about autism.

- To talk about social mandates and fitting in different groups.

- To analyze and work on metaphors.

- To encourage Ss to talk about their own feelings and experiences.

- To define some key concepts when talking about neurodiversity.

Use of Language:

- To analyze different utterances and their meaning in context.

- To use the language in context to communicate ideas and express feelings.

What's normal Who decides - Ts notes
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What's normal - Who decides - Ss worksh
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