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What's one of your greatest weaknesses?

Topics: Business English - strengths and weaknesses - job interview

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing


- To identify and reflect on professional areas of improvement.

- To talk about self-awareness.

- To read and analyze some answers to this question.

- To answer this question in parts and then, write a complete answer.

Use of language:

- To use Simple Present to talk about routine.

- To use Simple Past to talk about past events.

- To learn / review Present Perfect to talk about recent and ongoing experiences.

- To learn / review Second Conditional (optional...)

- To learn / review vocabulary to talk about weaknesses.

- To learn / review phrases followed by to+infinitive or -íng form.

Some tips:

- As part of the Warm-up stage, you can ask your students what they should and shouldn't say when asked this question in a job interview and make a Dos and Don'ts list.

- Some vocabulary from exercise 5 might be a bit challenging for A2 students. However, they can infer their meaning by context (there are some key words in each paragraph) or ask for help, if necessary.

- The idea is that students learn the lexical chunks in order to express their ideas.

Answers - exercise 5:

A - D - B - E - F - C

What are your weaknesses - Ss worksheet
Download • 1.03MB

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