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Managing conflict in the workplace

Actualizado: 3 abr 2021

Topics: Business - Problem-solving - Mediation

Level: B2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Listening


- To talk about conflict situations in the workplace.

- To talk about the characteristics of a good mediator.

- To listen to a conversation in which people try to solve a conflict in the office.

- To listen for gist and detail.

- To suggest possible solutions to a problem.

- To put ourselves in others' shoes and see a problem from different perspectives.

- Use of Language:

- To use different verb tenses to talk about experiences.

- To work on collocations of conflict and problem.

- To analyze the use of the verb "to stick to" in different sentences.

- To review second conditional to talk about hypothetical and unreal situations.

Managing conflict in the workplace
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