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My Week

Topics: General English - daily routine - days of the week

Level: A1 and above

Skills: Listening and Speaking 

Link to the original song: The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

Link to Bossa Nova cover: Friday I'm in Love - Vintage Café 

Link to The Cure bio: The Cure bio

Link to Avicci’s song: Avicii - Waiting For Love


  • To talk about daily routines

  • To describe typical weekly activities using a weekly planner

  • To listen for gist and for detail

  • To compare/contrast two versions of the same song

  • To express opinions and reactions

  • To work on emergent language

  • To work on pronunciation

  • To choose a follow-up task according to students’ needs and interests (speaking, writing, listening, reading)

  • To make a meme about the topic

Use of language & lexis: 

  • To review Simple Present to talk about routines

  • To learn / review days of the week

  • To learn / review verb/noun collocations to describe routines

  • To learn / review vocabulary about the song

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