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Quiet quitting

Actualizado: 13 oct 2022

Topics: Business English - working conditions - work-life balance

Level: B1+ and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening and Reading


  • To talk about working conditions, burnout and work-life balance.

  • To define the concept "quiet quitting".

  • To use visual aids to engage students and activate prior knowledge.

  • To predict information and infer meaning from context.

  • To watch a video about the topic and retell some main ideas. (listening for gist)

  • To listen for detail.

  • To express personal opinion about the topic.

  • To put ourselves in others' shoes and express opinion,

  • To read an article on quiet quitting (optional).

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use Simple Present to talk about routines.

  • To use Simple Past to talk about past experiences.

  • To learn / review vocabulary to talk about jobs and working conditions.

  • To learn / review collocations related to the topic.

Note: Teacher's notes coming soon! I've just made this lesson plan for a class I have tomorrow! :)

Quiet quitting - Ss worksheet
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