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The importance of feedback

Topic: Business English – Giving and receiving feedback

Level: B1+ and above


- To discuss the importance of feedback.

- To learn/review about the Johari Window model,.

- To predict some information before watching a video.

- To listen for gist and detail.

- To write some ideas about the topic after discussion and listening tasks using vocabulary from the video.

Use of language:

- To use Simple Past to express past experiences.

- To learn/review collocations of the noun “feedback”.

- To learn / review Business English vocabulary

- To review phrases to express opinion.

Special thanks to John Hughes for reviewing, correcting and suggesting ideas for this lesson plan and to Jon Vatcher for suggesting this topic for a lesson plan! :)

The importance of feedback - Ss worksheet
Download PDF • 197KB

The importance of feedback - Ts notes
Download DOC • 25KB

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Adriana Aranda
Adriana Aranda

Very interesting lesson!!

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