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A Day in the Life of a CFO

Topics: Business English - finance - accounting

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Reading

Link to full article: A Day in the Life of a CFO


  • To discuss the duties and responsibilities of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • To describe a typical day at work

  • To talk about free time activities

  • To read for gist and for detail

  • To express opinions and reactions about the text

  • To relate the person's story to students' own routines and lifestyles

  • To choose a final task from a choice board (listening, reading, speaking, writing)

Use of language & lexis:

  • To use Simple Present to talk about daily routines and free time activities

  • To use Simple Past to talk about past habits and activities

  • To learn / review vocabulary related to the topic

Note: Even though the lesson is pretty simple, Teacher's notes are coming soon!

A Day in the Life of a CFO- Ss worksheet
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