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How do you work under pressure?

Actualizado: 11 jul 2021

Topics: Business English - job interview - pressure

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking and Writing


- To discuss the pros and cons of working under pressure.

- To express how students feel when facing pressure.

- To describe specific situations in which students worked under pressure.

- To talk about different issues that lead teams to work under pressure.

- To learn / review the STAR method.

- To brainstorm ideas and answer the question about working under pressure using the STAR method.

Use of language:

- To use Simple Present to talk about routiines.

- To use Simple Past to talk about specific past actions.

- To use Present Perfect to talk about experiences.

- To learn / review expressions of contrast.

- To learn / review expressions of opinion.

- To learn / review adjectives to describe situations and feelings (e.g. stressful, stressed, exhasting, exhausted, tired, frustrating, frustrated, etc...)

Answer key:

Exercise 1: "Under pressure", song by Queen (1981)

Exercise 8:

  1. TASK




Under pressure... - Ss worksheet
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