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What makes us indecisive?

Actualizado: 18 abr 2021

Topics: decision-making - choice . procrastination

Level: B1 and above

Skills: Speaking and Reading


- To talk about decision-making and procrastination.

- To predict what the infographic might be about.

- To read an infographic (gist and detail).

- To react and analyze the information from the text.

Use of language / lexis:

- To learn / review collocations related to decision-making.

- To use expressions to ask for and to give advice.

- To use adverbs and modal verbs of possibility.

- To learn / review some verbs and adjectives + preposition from the text.

Additional resource for C1 level: Short Ted talk on How to make faster decisions.

What makes us indecisive - Ts notes
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What Makes us Indecisive - Ss worksheet
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