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World Englishes

Worksheet made in collaboration with Bhavna Gupta :)

Topics: General English – English as a Lingua Franca

Level: A2 and above

Skills: Speaking, Listening and Writing


  • To discuss the meaning of different expressions used in some varieties of English.

  • To make predictions before watching a video.

  • To listen for gist and for detail.

  • To analyze the concepts of English as a Lingua Franca and World Englishes.

  • To discuss and analyze Brij Kachru’s model of World Englishes.

  • To construct a for/against argument using an adapted version of the 7Cs of or do a meaningful role-play.

  • To do a K-L-W reflection task at the end of the lesson.

Use of language:

  • To review Simple Present to express opinion and describe facts.

  • To learn / review different tenses for the discussions.

  • To learn / review ELF expressions.

  • To learn / review linking words to express agreement and disagreement.

World Englishes - Ss worksheet
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World Englishes - Teacher Notes
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Jane Wescombe
Jane Wescombe


I have just finished a couple of classes using the "World Englishes" material. I found I had to adapt the material in order to engage with my particular students (in company adults, in Spain, working in the construction industry and others working in the Ministry of AgricultureB1/ low B2 level) I used the first two pages as they were (great) and then, as I couldn't envisage the SS having too much to say about Kachru's model of World Englishes I tried something that I thought would pique their interest more and asked them to"construct a short argument for/against English becoming an official language in your country" and it went well. I brought them together for some language correction and…

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